Rhyming books, 2/11/2019
By Raghda Elsayed (West Monroe LA)
Great stories that rhyme and the ideas are relate to a listening toddler. Also, the ideas are great conversation starters, for example, the story about going shopping and what happens if we go to strangers, which was presented in a very easy and non-scary way that is easily understandable by little kids.
Excellent series, 5/4/2017
By Ghinwa M (WAUKEE IA)
Excellent resource  moving up from level 2. The pictures are so fun and my daughter loves reading the series. 
It is relly hard to ask kids who grew up in the US reading all the fun English book to read dry, formal Arabic kids book. 
But this series is fun, and the topics are funny and informal. My daughter asks me to read more of it.