Puzzle, 5/9/2013
By Ummi Luqman (Seattle WA)
I love the Arabic alphabet floor puzzle. My son and daughter never tire of playing with this and there is so many activities to with it. I simply love it!
Arabic Alphabet Learning Tool, 5/8/2013
By Heather Gregg (Chicago IL)
This is the second one I've bought. The first one we bought for home use, and after I shared it with my daughter's preschool level Arabic teacher, she wanted one for the classroom. It's great for jumping from square to square, calling out the letters - in the process of learning them for the first time. It's fun to take the letters out as a puzzle and put them back again. Also fun to interlock them in various ways - not necessarily always in order. I think that my daughter's teacher is also tracing the letter shapes with them. The only complaint I've heard about the product is that if you don't keep track of the dots, some might be easily lost, and then it looks incomplete. So just keep track of all the pieces - put it back together in the case each time, and it should be fine. This was a fun way for my son to learn the letters 2 years ago as a 6 year old. My daughter's 3 now and loves it.
Great Product, 9/2/2012
By NF M (Orlando FL)
This made our son's playroom just come to life. They are colorful and perfect. The only thing is that they come in two letter pairs that are the same color so the color changes every TWO letters, not every letter so if you put them in order like us it doesnt look as great as if they were all different colors. Great quality product, very pretty.