Iqra Arabic readers, 3/6/2019
By Farooqa Yoosufani (Austin TX)
These are good for young children or people who are learning to read or write Arabic because it has a lot of writing practice.  I like how it highlights the letter in each of its different forms in red (alone, connected in the beginning/middle/end of the word).  The first book is mainly building up vocabulary ( no stories).  But by the second book there are short stories to read.  Each lesson has a list of new vocabulary words defined and also a list of new linguistic structures.  Overall very good series of books.
Great Arabic Textbook for beginning students, 12/7/2016
By Cassandra Strand (Roseville MN)
We use this series in our Masjid's Sunday School.  It's logically thought through and made for those learning Arabic as a second (or more) language.  Instructions are in Arabic and English.  The exercises are easy to understand and consistent.  The vocabulary is a good mix pertaining usually pertaining to the theme of the conversational portion of each unit.  This series focuses on learning Arabic as a language not just for Qur'an.  It focuses on reading, writing, and speaking.  This specific level has a focus on the alphabet with each chapter focusing on a new letter and vocabulary words using that letter (you know like alif is for asad asociations) showing vocabulary with the in it's initial, medial, and final forms.
If students have no Arabic letter experience then they will struggle at first being unable to sound out or read the vocabulary words but as they continue to learn the letters in the book they will find it much easier as they progress.
Arabic textbook, 7/19/2016
By M R (madera CA)
Me and my son love this book and it encourages him to learn but the only problem I have is that it does have like a guideline on how to teach them the fattha, kasrah, etc. The beginning page.
Great resource, 9/7/2012
By Umm Salma Bint Yusuff (Seattle WA)
One of my favorite Arabic series for children. Makes learning Arabic easy and fun!
Arabic textbook, 3/3/2012
By Salam Hasan (Livermore CA)
Great textbook for teaching young kids!  I totally agree with Ruwaida on her review.  My kids are 4 & 5 and love to do the exercises in it.  Great colors & pictures catch their eye, and encourage them to read the words & practice writing.  Very happy with it!
top Arabic textbook, 9/26/2011
By Ruwaida Salem (North Canton OH)
I found this to be one of the top, if not THE top, Arabic textbooks that I've seen on the market. It's geared toward students who want to learn Arabic for the sake of Arabic, i.e. it teaches vocabulary and conversational Arabic. But all the instructions are in both Arabic and English. The book goes through each letter and the shapes at the beginning, middle, and end, with example words for each shape. Lots of activities and exercises throughout, especially in the accompanying workbook.