Adams world Ask at helps everyone, 9/7/2019
By kathryn (Denver CO)
the Adams world series has alot of good, and I wish they had continued mashaAllah. is say the target audience is something like 6 to 12, particularly if you're kids are like mine and not exposed to popular kids programming that may have desensitized them to themes of sarcasm and joking at the expense of others. I let my 4 year old twins watch it and they picked up some things I'd rather they hadnt,, and have decidedto delay showing them more until they are older and we can discuss the themes more in depth. there are also some semi scary themes, this particular episode one of the main characters  an in fact, is hospitalized and the family does not have money for treatment. it's a real life issue, but scary for the little ones . there is also some instrumental music unfortunately. all told: it's better than most alternatives, if a little dated, and I'll buy the set and keep them aside for when my kids are older.