Not enough focus on the lesson, 9/5/2011
By Jennifer Fisher (Houston TX)
The boy in Pizza in His Pocket eats too much. Then he meets a girl who doesn't have enough food, so he decides to share with her. There are many pages illustrating the various foods he eats, but only a couple on sharing with others. When he does share, it comes off a bit patronizing. The lesson of the book is summarized on the last page and I think this shortchanges the message the author is trying to convey. My kids do enjoy this book, and when we read it I spend more time talking with them about the lesson to be learned, rather than just sticking to the text of the book.
Story Book, 5/7/2011
By Batool Ali (Phenix City GA)
A fun rhyming book that teaches sharing so that you can be thankful to Allah.